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July 10, 2017

Pregame | the 10 things you need to get in shape

A couple of things to note before we get this party started:

    1. I am not a nutritionist/health professional/fitness guru (nor do I want to be). I am just your every day average mom who wants to show others who may need a little guidance how she stays fit. Always consult your doctor and listen to your own body when following any fitness program. 
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I’ve committed to a 100 day plan to change some bad habits and help create better ones. Getting back into a healthy routine is one of the most important aspects of that plan for me, as I find I’m at my best mentally when I feel good physically. I wanted to document and track my progress to both motivate others, and to keep myself accountable.


Ok, so I admit the title is a little click-baity. You don’t actually need any of the items below to get in a good workout. You can lose weight and get healthy by doing simple things like walking or jogging and eating smaller portions. But I have found my own fitness success has been ever so slightly helped by these 10 things. So if you feel like following along, here are my favorite fitness tools:

1. A Solid Plan

I’m a planner to an embarrassingly high degree. If you were to rifle through any one of my notebooks you would find page upon page scribbled with lists of things I need to do, along with detailed outlines of each day scheduled to the half hour. Without my lists and my schedules, I start to feel overwhelmed, scatterbrained, and I’m almost unable to function. When it comes to fitness, I find it especially important to schedule and stick to a plan. I’m much more likely to be successful when I have everything figured out in advance! I collaborated with BKB Design to create a printable meal prep and fitness planner (download your FREE copy here). You can use this to plan out your daily breakfast (B), lunch (L), dinner (D), snack (S), and workout (w/o). We also included a “to do” section for your convenience to make this a more functional daily planner.

Pro tip: To save on paper and ink and your general carbon footprint, print out a copy and laminate it. You can hang it on the fridge and fill it in with a dry erase marker!


2. Meal Prep Containers

fitness meal prep containers grilled chicken roasted vegetables

One of the easiest ways to stay on track with your fitness goals is by making sure your nutrition is on point. And the easiest way to stay on track with your nutrition is by prepping your meals in advance. I like to cook my weekly meals in one big batch and portion them out into separate containers so I can grab and go. You have no idea how many trips to the drive thru meal prepping has saved me since about 90% of my fast food foibles have been for the sake of convenience. I LOVE these meal prep containers. You can refrigerate, freeze, run through the dishwasher, and microwave them. And they are BPA free!

3. Portion Control Containers

To go along with our meal prep, portion control is absolutely vital as well. I am completely obsessed with these containers from the 21 Day Fix program (honestly, the whole program in general is life-changing). You don’t necessarily need these particular containers (you can absolutely use measuring cups or a food scale and do just fine), but they definitely make it simple and foolproof to figure out exactly how much of what you should be eating. I’m used to the containers, so all of my meals in this series will be portioned this way for reference.

4. Individual-Sized Blender

I am obsessed with this single serve blender. It’s perfect for mixing green smoothies or protein shakes when I don’t feel like sharing with the kids, and it’s easier to clean than a full-sized blender.


5. 32-64 0z Water Bottle

Possibly one of the most underrated and most important aspects of fitness is water intake. I aim for about a gallon a day. I can easily keep track of how much water I’m drinking with this big ass water bottle. Fill it and drink up twice a day and you’re good to go. Stay hydrated, fam!


6. Convertible Workout Bench

Ok, so this might not be a necessity. But it’s pretty cool nonetheless, and a great idea if you are strictly doing workouts at home and don’t have access to a gym. I especially love the Escape Fitness Deck because it transforms from a step to a bench, and also has storage space to keep your weights!

7. Weights or Resistance Bands

I personally prefer weights as I seem to lack the coordination needed to use resistance bands properly, but either option will do! A dumbbell set like this is a great option as you’ll want a set of light and a set of heavy weights for different workouts.

8. Exercise Mat

Absolutely necessary. Whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, your elbows do not want you holding a plank without the cushion of an exercise or yoga mat.


9. Protein Powder

My favorite is Dymatize ISO 100 in the chocolate flavor. I typically have a rough time with the consistency of other protein powders, but this one easily mixes so smooth even with just a blender cup.

10. Workout DVDs

Before I joined CalFit, I would slide the coffee table in my living room out of the way and follow along to Denise Austin’s Boot Camp during the only 30 minutes I had to myself during the kids’ nap time. And it worked! I lost weight and inches, proving you can still get in a productive workout without all the fancy gym equipment. If you can’t afford a trainer, workout dvds are the next best thing. I’ve had the most success with the 21 Day Fix workouts, and I’ll be using those every now and then throughout the next 100 days. The best workout dvd, however, is whatever gets you moving. So feel free to find a workout program you’re comfortable with and kick ass at it!



I’ll be sharing my grocery lists and meal plans in future posts, so keep checking back during the next 100 days to follow along. Leave your favorite fitness items/tips in the comments!


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