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July 7, 2017

Old Habits

I’m not sure how many days it actually takes to make or break a habit. I’ve heard anywhere from 21 days to 90 days. From my own experience, it’s been about 30 days to make a habit and only 1 day to break it.

Such is life.

Before I took a little blogging hiatus to deal with change and grief, I had planned a 30 day fitness series to help motivate readers. My gym routine was gold. My nutrition was on point. I had so many tips and tricks up my sleeve to help the average mom change her lifestyle and feel better overall. But apparently I don’t handle change as well as I assumed. I started skipping workouts, increasing my trips to Taco Bell, decreasing my water intake, and I’ve been surviving solely on coffee for the first 6 hours or so of my day every day (this from someone who only had maybe half a cup of coffee a day before). Sure, I can contort my body to make it look good for the gram or snapchat, but I’m becoming increasingly lethargic. And I’m pretty sure around this time last year, I actually had abs.

My life could use a few habit changes right now.

Beyond the gym, I’m trying really hard to get my finances in order. Some of you know my story- after nearly 10 years in a horrible marriage, the kids and I moved across the country with only the things we could fit in the car. For the 5 day trip we lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the free continental breakfasts offered at each of the hotels. With no savings or income of my own at the time, gas and hotels were paid for with a credit card. And then that same credit card was used to rebuild our lives here, purchasing beds, clothing, and even groceries while I tried to restart my business in our current location. I’ve been told it’s an inspiring story, but from my end all I see is an almost 30 year old single mom of three still living at home with her mother while trying to pay off a massive credit card bill. I once dreamt of buying a bigger house. Now I’d settle for a rental with more than 1 bathroom.

The American dream, am I right?

So to recap, I need to focus on my fitness goals/debt management & savings/getting my own place.

Because 30 days seems nowhere near enough time at this point, and after being inspired by my sister’s own 100 day fitness journey, I’ve decided 100 days is a good number to round off to for this whole making good habits thing. I set a goal for myself about a year ago that I’d (finally) have a place of my own in October of this year. I don’t know why, but I’ve just always felt in my gut that it would be October. Maybe because Halloween is my favorite and I just can’t wait to decorate. Maybe it’s because rental prices seem to drop right around October. Either way, 100 days puts us right there in the middle of October. And with that hefty balance on my credit card decreasing rapidly since I got that new job, October seems much more likely now than it once did.

I’ll be keeping track of the journey here, starting Monday. For those of you interested in the fitness stuff, I’ll post my meal plans and workouts like I had planned to originally. You’ll see my grocery lists and meal prep, weigh-ins, and basically everything I keep track of when it comes to staying in (or, in this case, getting back into) shape. I also have a nice little printable to share that will help with your own meal plans.

Hopefully beyond motivating myself to pick up the pieces again, this will motivate someone else too. While I’m inspired by the cookie cutter bloggers with beautiful homes and “perfect” lives, sharing progress is more important than sharing perfection for me right now. I dream of one day having and decorating my own space again, and linking all of my pinterest-worthy Target finds. But I don’t think we are honest enough about what it takes to get there.

Cliche truth of the day: before we can get to day 100, we have to start with day 1.

(Photo Credit: Melissa Babasin Photography)


Here’s to being truly transparent. Leave your 100 day goals in the comments, and let’s motivate each other.

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