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February 22, 2017

One Decade Old, And Real Mom Confessions


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My first baby is 10. She entered this world as a blue-eyed beauty with the chubbiest little cheeks that would have made any cabbage patch doll exponentially jealous.

She cried for the entire first three months of her life. I thought she hated me. And now we are nearly inseparable. She stands almost as tall as me (how?), stealing my clothes and my fuzziest slippers because we are close to the same size (but seriously, HOW?).

She’s sensitive, witty, and absolutely hilarious. She loves cats and Minecraft and all things Paris. She someday wants to be a fashion designer/geologist. If I could, I’d give her the world for her birthday. I can’t, but I tried to at least give her Paris in the form of a Paris fashion show themed slumber party with her best friends from school.

–You guys, confession time. I’ve been carefully crafting this blog post in my head since several weeks before the party. I’m a planner. It’s a problem, and it’s impossible to stop. The pictures were going to be absolutely beautiful. I was going to make pretty labels for the food. I even scheduled the party for 4pm because I knew I’d still have beautiful picture light coming through the windows instead of closer to 7pm (which would have been the wiser choice for a house full of 4th grade girls staying overnight for a slumber party). Unfortunately, my kids have been passing around this ridiculous cold all winter. I didn’t have time or energy to do much other than order all of my decorations from Amazon and go grocery shopping just a few hours before the party. But guess what! Everything still turned out great. Kids don’t care that my pictures won’t “pin” well. I decided to keep my real camera packed away to be more in the moment. While yes, I do still wish I had put my professional photographer cap on for at least a few shots, I’m glad I was present for everything–

I love how the only pictures I’m blogging from the party are food. I love food. I promise I did get shots of the kids with my phone, but for privacy reasons for the other kids who were attending the party I won’t be posting those.

If you too would like to be in over your head rushing to plan a perfect Paris-themed slumber party, here are the details of ours:

Fashion Show in Paris

On the Menu: Croissant Sandwiches, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, sparkling cider, THIS AMAZING CAKE from Freeport Bakery, madelines, waffle bar for breakfast

Games: No. Absolutely not. I had this idea for a Louvre mystery game where we’d go on a scavenger hunt to find out who stole the Mona Lisa, but I decided to abandon game creativity. Sigh. I DID throw down a pink carpet “runway” and slapped a Paris themed backdrop to the wall. We had a basket of props and dress up items. Later we turned on some music and had an epic dance party. The kids loved it!

Party Favors: I found adorable pink and black mini hat boxes on Amazon (link below). We filled them with Paris friendship charm bracelets (also from Amazon), then we hit up Target and found mini nail files, nail stickers, bubble necklaces, and little tiara hair combs.


Shop this party on Amazon:

Pink runway for our fashion show
Paris backdrop for our photo booth
Props for our photo booth
Happy Birthday banner
Paper lanterns
Mini hat boxes for party favors
Friendship charm bracelet party favors
Gold sequin table runner
White tablecloth

  1. Alexandra

    February 22nd, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    Time flies! But i looks like you had a wonderful day celebrating!

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